Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Small Radio - I Love You

2009 marks my tenth year out of college and even though I'm far from the campus, far from the way of life back then, I still love my college radio baby. I'm lucky here in northern Connecticut. There is a great radio station out of UHart, there are great stations I can only sometimes pick up out of the seven sisters of Western Massachusetts and then the low on the dial small station out of Springfield that supplies the best of R&B, rap, hip hop, soul, funk, blues and jazz.

Small radio stations make me so very happy. You never know what you'll get and very often you will catch yourself driving and wanting to pull over to listen full blast and enjoy a pleasant view at the same time. Well, at least I do.

I heard this song on a drive today and all of a sudden I am a new fan of Chad VanGaalen. Poof! That's how fast it happens. One day you don't know a song and the next you love it and it's part of you.

Ok, now I've stumbled on the discovery that this artist is also an artist. This just keeps getting better. I love the radio.

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