Thursday, March 05, 2009

More and more sketch paintings

Once I started, I couldn't stop with these painterly sketches in my Sketch Paintings Series.

Sketch 7

Sketch 8

Sketch 9

Sketch 10

Sketch 11

Sketch 12

Sketch 13

Sketch 14

Sketch 15

Sketch 16

Sketch 17

Sketch 18

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Jill Smith said...

I love your art and the ones above have so many ideas in them that they could be taken on into some fantastic large paintings.
I love looking at your art and have your blog bookmarked.
I am also doing some artists interviews on my blog and would love it if you would agree to one. There are just a few questions, let me know.
Jill Smith

Patrice said...

#17 is absolutely my favorite of these. I'm loving abstract work more and more - which is perhaps baffling, as I started my art career making everything look exactly like the subject (or trying to). It wasn't long before the boredom of "pure technique" got to me and I find my own work less and less representational every year. (With an exception now and then).

I love the pure spontaneity of your work.

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Sketch 17 & 18 are my favs!! Good work!

Kendra Zvonik said...

I am so glad you are so energized! This series is really important work- keep going! I am kind of doing a similar thing- just keeping the energy flowing and not getting caught up with where this is all going. I think we both realize that type of thinking is an abyss. This work is PRESENT MOMENT stuff and that is what painting is supposed to be about. What a gift you are giving to the rest of us.

Unknown said...

Jill - sure thing! You can email me at with the questions if you like.

Patrice - that's my favorite as well. If I can keep the energy and freedom of 17 going in future paintings, I'd be really happy. In high school I was really detailed, photo realist then in art school I worked a little freer, but still from the figure. When I started making abstracts something really kicked started that extra pure love of artmaking I was hoping for. It's been my deepest love ever since and though I would like to always tap into working from life from time to time, abstract has my heart forever!

Sylvie - thank you for another vote for 17! I am going to try and keep that feeling going...

Kendra - Yes, exactly. It is in the moment, it is trying to not overthink (or even think at all, if you know what I mean and I know you do). Really get in the zone and just GO>>>>