Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flying Away With Strings Attached

Acrylic diptych on two 16" x 20" canvases, 2009

As you can see with these latest paintings, I'm coming out of my mellow summer mood into an intensified period. It's in great part due to a natural cycle - spring and fall are animated and energized times, summer and winter are quieter, calmer. My mood dictates where the paint with fly or gently land on any given day and this week I've had a lot of powerful internal "stuff" to process and release. I've been reflecting on how when I work like this, it's still a meditation, just more physically engaging and activated than you typically imagine. When I'm already in a calm state, painting that mood just takes me further into the zone. When I'm more agitated like I have been, working it out through paint eventually leads to a peaceful state of mind - the calm after the storm. So really, no matter what my mood is, painting takes me to the same place. As for what is created, the art is a document of the journey.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Simply beautiful

Anonymous said...

these new paintings are IT!

they make me wanna KICK!

(and i'm not even 50)


Anonymous said...

That explains it perfectly!!! I think that alot of people don't understand that. Painting can help so much!
Recently I have been making alot of different art but no matter what I love painting the most!!!
These are wonderful Jess thanks for sharing them with us!

Sonji Hunt said...

Sometimes people who really don't "get" abstraction are missing out on the purity of energy and such things. The clutter of human constructs can really bind you up...not that art making isn't a human construct because it totally is...ok...I'm babbling myself into some sort of corner. Anyway, my point is your work is hitting that cord of clearing away the muck. Beautiful surfaces.