Saturday, June 19, 2010


Teapot 1 - Mixed media on 5" x 7" canvas panel

Teapot 2 - Mixed media on 5" x 7" canvas panel.

These are my first two attempts with photo transfers onto canvas panels. I worked over a set of two acrylic paintings of circles. There are layers of acrylic paint over the transfer as well (clearly more so in the first one). They were interesting and informative to make but I'm liking this other technique (used in next post) of painting watercolor on raw canvas and then layering the transfer over that. I've got four 5" x 5"'s ready to go but I want to mount them onto wood first. Hopefully they will be complete with others like them next week.


Unknown said...

Ooooohhh, I love these. THIS is the type of post that just makes me HAVE to run to the workbench and try something new. Thank you for inspiring me. Pam

Anonymous said...

Happy Little Teapots.

clippingimages said...

really cute

red-handed said...

I love multiple takes ... I'm doing a series right now.