Thursday, August 19, 2010

Curating your own Etsy shop

The new Etsy layout is garnering (surprise, surprise) both praise and outrage from the Etsy community. To each his/her own I suppose. I happen to like it a lot and it hasn't been that hard to get used to the adjustment (links on the left, shorter announcement space, etc.). I've been thinking about re-arranging my shop to be more curated, almost like creating a treasury only it's with my own items. You'll see in the pictures above, yesterday I had a black/red/white theme going on inspired by my poppy painting and then today I switched it up to be more soft and colorful like my most recent abstract painting. If you too are an Etsy seller, how do you like the changes? Has it changed anything about how you organize or promote your shop?

1 comment:

paula said...

i wasn't thrilled with it in the beginning but as with everything you get used to it and i do like having more items and do like that treasury feel to it.

personally i haven't changed anything yet...still recovering from changing all my tags back after cij :)

i like how your shop looks, good job!