Thursday, December 18, 2008


With my other commission "finished" (really just waiting for customer approval and reaction - some colors may be tweaked around a bit) I was able to begin and finish this little painting for my friend's son! It went fast because it was just too much fun to paint. I kept hurrying the drying time on each layer because I wanted to keep going. I love when you have an idea for a painting and it clicks just the way you want it to! All of the sides have this striped pattern.


jafabrit said...

oh this is just wonderful :) I love how you did the pattern around the edge to match the pattern on the opaki.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

an okapi! never, ever seen an okapi before. Maybe that's what it sounds like when it's running: okapi okapi okapi
Excellent painting, I love the softness and the colour scheme and the stripes on the sides!!!!!

Unknown said...

Lucky kid! This is such a beautiful and fun painting. I love the sides, too--like themed socks.


Bug and Bit said...