Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa was good to me!

Santa was good to me!, originally uploaded by livefunky.

In this picture you can see my wonderful collection of new canvases and tons of new brushes. I just finished working on the commission with the new brushes and uh.... what a difference. My well worn brushes, with rusted metal, paint saturated, chipping wood and mangled hair have done me good, but it's time for retirement and specific assignments (raw texture/strokes). I just busted into a package of 6 x 12 canvases I got from my cousin and my parents also got me some larger canvases, including an oval which should be fun!

The ball jar in the picture was a gift from my grandfather. All five grandkids got to pick one. They were used by my grandfather's mother and grandmother so they go way back. I'll be proudly displaying this Ball jar - don't worry, it will NOT become a water vessel for painting or even a storage for used brushes! I loooove the blue Ball jars and used them in our wedding for table bouquets so I really cherish this gift.

Now it's off to paint! I'm feeling just like I did as a kid the day after Christmas digging into all of my new art supplies that family (and Santa) gave me. Yipee! Oh! I forgot one more supply. A new batch of oil pastels. Ahhh.... so nice. My old ones were getting down to nubs. 36 new clean colors to play with. What joy!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

yaay! :D

Anonymous said...

lucky you! i adore getting art supplies.