Thursday, December 04, 2008

What's New?

I've got a new commission project to get started on that I'm very excited about. I created a deposit listing for the project on Etsy (since that is where the customer found me and contacted me) and it inspired me to create a general commission listing to give other folks an idea of how it works and my pricing. No bites yet, but I only have one size listed so far. I'm going to add some more sizes today. You can see them in my Commission section of my Etsy shop at

I also signed on to do a show in 2009 at the APW Gallery in NYC. I've never worked with this gallery before, but the idea for the show grabbed me. You pay $50 to submit 5 works on 12" x 12" canvas. There is no other restriction besides the size. I don't live too far away from the city, so I plan on going to the show on opening night. If you are interested in participating, visit (You can ship your artwork there if you live far away from NYC). If you sign up for the show, let me know!

I re-opened my Etsy shop at I didn't like the look of my illustration prints in my livefunky shop because they just didn't visually groove with my other artwork. I only have one section right now for Figurative Illustrations, I hope to add more to the shop, including abstracts and art for kids.

I'm considering offering art advice online for anyone that would like a little guidance or suggestions for their artwork. I've found that through the years I really love helping other artists and offering suggestions for different directions they could take their work. I'm not exactly an expert in my field, but I do have a good deal of experience working in multiple mediums and styles, and I've taught art lessons to adults and children in the past. I like the idea of working one on one with anyone that would like to develop their artwork. I can also offer advice about marketing their art online. What do you think?

I am really excited to start stretching large canvases to offer in my Boundless Gallery shop. I need to take a trip to the art supply store STAT! Hopefully I'll have some big boys to share with you in early 2009.


Unknown said...

Wow, you are on a roll!

Have you considered offering your art advice through

Looking forward to what you have in store!

Take care,


jafabrit said...

I just saw your felt aceo, how cool, and you have a great etsy shop. All the best with your commissions. Alas I think I alienated another art blogger with my thread about commissions, but I think she took it wrong.

I sent two vinyl records to the apw vinyl show in october and I have given up trying to get them back. I emailed several times asking how much to return and let me know. If you live nearby better to personally pick them up after the show. It is a great venue and opportunity to get seen in New York though.

Unknown said...

That's a good idea, Ivan - thank you!

JafaBrit thanks for letting me know about picking up my art after the show. That's really too bad that you haven't gotten your artwork back. Hmmmm... makes me wonder....

As for the commissions, it's unfortunate that someone took your post personally - I certainly did not! To each his/her own, there is certainly enough room for all of us and our varying opinions on the business and enjoyment of making art. I find that commissions challenge me, and a different part of my brain and art approach, than when I am regularly painting. I hope that it strengthens me as a whole artist, but I can absolutely understand NOT wanting to accept commission projects if you just can't connect with the art you are making in the same, energized and enthusiastic way. I must admit, some projects have been easier for me than others, and I always work best with a customer who understands that I can never create the same piece twice. I can be *inspired* by a previous work, but don't assume you'll get a photo copy of it if you request another version. Of course, as a collector myself, I wouldn't *want* a copy - I'd want something one of a kind. My favorite commissions have been for customers that say "I like this style - can you do something like this larger?". That gives me a starting point but the free reign to allow all of the unique discoveries to happen organically. I guess the lesson here that we both agree on is to be true to yourself as an artist, and do what feels right for YOU. If commissions didn't get me as excited as they do, I'd never accept them. And since you don't enjoy doing them, as a collector, I'd never expect NOR WANT you to!

Take care, my friend. Good to see you again! :)

jafabrit said...

I have just been so up to my eyeballs with various projects it has been hard to make the rounds to my fave blogs. I am hoping next year isn't as hectic, but err, don't hold me to it, eek!!!!!!!