Saturday, October 28, 2006

10/28 - Rainy Saturday

It's a windy, rainy Saturday, and I'm thouroughly enjoying it. Somehow the color of the autumn leaves is more brilliant in the overcast light... maybe it's because they are warm colored and the sky is a complimentary cool.

I had heard there could be flooding near the coast today, so I didn't want to take my chances driving out to New Bedford to drop off my paintings. Plus, the idea of trying to bring in ten big canvases in the rain was far from appealing. I'm going to head out tomorrow, which also gives me time to do those last minute touches.

So now that the time is upon me, I have to admit I'm feeling a little nervous. I need to get over it and dive in believing in myself, and what I do, and not worry about everything else. (I'll probably start having those dreams where I'm late for the opening and I'm running in circles looking for a matching pair of shoes, or a dress that doesn't have a stain or a whole in it!)..... deep breaths..... ahhhh... ok

I'm going to create a new post for the paintings...

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Anonymous said...

I miss the east coast. We were living in Portland, ME from 2000-2004 and I loved it there. I miss the weather (just not winter) and the fog that would roll in off the coast. Fall was especially beautiful in New England.

So do you have a show coming up? I know what you mean about nervous. That feeling in the pit of your stomach... Anyway, your work is wonderful and I think you'll be smashing!