Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 19, 2006 - Works In Progress

This morning I took a drive to West Harford to go to the BEST art supply store in my area, Jerry's Artarama. The only other options to get what Jerry's offers would be to go to Boston or New York. I got a TON of new canvases, new paint, and a bunch of oil pastels. Ahhh a very happy painter, indeed.

With the excitement of new supplies (and two cups of coffee) I was bouncing off the walls ready to get to work. It was a nice day today, and they are forcasting rain for the area tomorrow, so I made the most of the clear skies by painting in my porch at home instead of at the studio. This picture here shows my corner of chaos, and about half of the canvases that I started.

I'm enjoying working with layers of dripping paint so today was spent just getting the first layers on as many canvases as I could. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll get more into some than others, and hopefully have at least one finished work to share.

Ten of these canvases will be going to New Bedford for the Holiday show, and the rest will be shown at the open studios weekend at the Mills.

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andrea said...

What a lovely spot to paint with those floor-to-ceiling windows. I'm envious!