Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gifts From The heART from Sara Holt

What a WONDERFUL surprise it was to get a package of art from my dear sister in art, the lovely and oh so talented, Sara Holt!! She sent me these two mini masterpieces (left - Larger Than Life, right - Teenage Wallpaper) and a piece done in charcoal that I didn't want to smudge by scanning called Private Eyes. I feel so lucky tonight as I write to thank my friend, and peer in paint. Sara, thank you so very much - I cherish these new additions to my collection and your friendship always...

To visit Sara's website and see more of her amazing work, visit

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Unknown said...

LOL! I thought the same thing actually ... wow, I'll post my art and I'll blog that way. Who needs to write? :-)

Thanks for stpping by and leaving a note on my blog. I love your work. Looks like we are kind of 'neighbors'. I'm in Sunnyvale, CA!

bye for now!