Wednesday, January 06, 2010

BIG GOALS (achieved at a reasonable pace)

TODAY'S GOAL MET: 50 items inventory minimum at LiveFunky

One solid attainable goal a day. That's my plan. I started doing this little personal ritual last year and I'm going to keep it going as I start up 2010 with a burst of energy that wants to sprint to the finish line - which isn't what I need - so I'm focusing on the slow and steady, purposeful and driven walk forward, that's all. Forget the finish line, what's that? I dare not think... So instead it's a goal a day, conceived the night before as a meditation before sleep, visualized from start to finish. Yesterday I updated my livefunky shop's banner, avatar, announcement and profile, and I listed a batch of new prints for sale. Because I cleared out other assorted listings, I only had two pages of products so today's goal was to get to a minimum of 50 listings. Tonight I completed that goal and felt the wonderful familiar feeling of achievement. That's what it's all about. Tomorrow's goal? That's for me to know and share tomorrow once I've completed it because otherwise I'll feel pressure and resent pressure and not do it! Ha! And that's why I share this, not as "everyone has to do it this way" but more like "I stopped fighting who I am and how I operate and I'm learning to work with it rather against it, so can you".

So how do you work best attaining your goals? Do you need a deadline? Do you work better or worse under pressure?


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I do love a deadline but I find it close to impossible to do anything I don't want to do. So for me it's a combination. Sometimes I enjoy to do X things for X days but mostly not - I think it has to do with my many years of education and then working as a teacher for a while. I've become opposed to schedules.... and need to follow my inspiration.

I sometimes feel annoyed with myself for doing too little (today, for instance), but I know I sort of work in bursts of inspiration and create a LOT when inspiration hits. I'm trying to accept that and not be too worried - and maybe do the "boring" stuff while I wait.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

P.S. This is another one of the paintings I can hear! I sort of want to stretch my hands into it :D

belinda marshall said...

this piece is great :)
i like your one achievable task list at a human pace! i like a deadline now and then, and maybe more often one day when i get more time!
there seems to be a list and a daily list . . .