Friday, January 08, 2010

Raw to refined... and thoughts on the subject

TODAY'S GOAL: Keep Painting

Something in me, old habit I suppose, went with this direction this morning, emphasizing thick black lines and filling in shapes with color. Once I began down this road, I had to follow it so I can finish it and just move onto another canvas for other approaches.

Ok so I'm going to state the obvious. This painting was more intriguing at other stages. The thing is, I was trained that the painting process worked from big to small, raw to refined and I took that approach to my abstracts. That's the method and technique I've used for years and years and now I want to be more free and loose so I have to fight these patterns. I've been tapping into it with some paintings I think of right off the bat (most of which coincidentally sold the fastest).

The Secret's Out
View From Above

They are raw, they are intuitive and expressive, they are organic and let paint be paint. This is what I want to be painting. I'm going to get my husband's help to move this canvas over down the wall to put aside for a new stretch of canvas to carry all of these feelings into. It's a feeling of gotta get to the next and the next until all of a sudden you are right there and everything clicks.

Update - we moved the canvas and fresh white blankness is in it's place. It's calling me...


belinda marshall said...

i see what you mean + intuitive is the best word!
i long to paint loosely sometimes! space and trust issues stopping me right now ~ seems hard to do on a small scale.

Anna Sellers said...

I am taking notes on your goal a day. Your simple approach may just be the answer to some of my own dilemmas.

These are some very nice pieces you are doing. I am not surprised that Flurry is already sold. It reminds me of a little kid running on their tip toes.

Your work is just getting more and more beautiful every year.

Unknown said...

"trust issues" ding ding ding! I think we have a winner! I keep talking about getting into the zone, I should be calling it the "trust zone".

Thanks so much Anna! I've enjoyed looking at your sketches on your blog. I like your description of Flurry :)