Monday, April 20, 2009

Dream Painting

This beautiful hyacinth smells so deliciously sweet! The lime green ground cover is one of my favorite plants and the color combination of the two is just electric. I took this picture yesterday - it was a gorgeous sunny day in the high 70's and I was loving life. I woke up this morning after having a vivid dream of painting. I LOOOOOVE painting dreams! I can't wait to paint again. Weekends are family time and today other things popped up so it's onto tomorrow for a full fledged dive into working in the studio. Rar!

Meanwhile I am drooling over one of my favorite painter's, Wolf Kahn's work. I consider myself a student of his work, from afar, and I'm eager to get going with landscapes again. It's time. The only thing I wonder about is if I'll be tempted to return to oils. That's not a horrible thing it's just not something I've considered since I fell in love with acrylics and left oils all together. That would be interesting... we'll see. I think I'll be able to achieve the effects I'm looking for with acrylics and maybe I'll turn to a longer drying time acrylic rather than oil. Yes, that's a strong possibility. I'm rambling... go enjoy some of Kahn's amazing abstract landscapes. (PS - How cool is it that he goes between NYC and Vermont? LOVE IT).


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I've never even had the patience to TRY oil painting!!

How cool about the painting dreams...
I often perform on stage in my dreams (used to be a pianist as a child), sometimes I compose music and of course I forget it when I wake up. I attend poetry readings, I write. Only one photography dream - last week, I was so convinced I had taken the photo for real and was sooo mad when I realised it was a dream. Still annoys me. A black bird flying past my window and the sky looked like fire.

Anonymous said...

Painting dreams are awesome. I rarely have painting dreams, wish I had more of them.

You could try using a retarder in your acrylics to extend the drying time. You amaze me because you are so prolific in creating artworks and you have lots of great ideas to market your art.

Wolf Kahn is amazing.