Tuesday, April 28, 2009

layer upon layer



Barbara J Carter said...

Okay, I'll admit I don't get it. That dude painted like 3 or 4 different paintings, each getting obliterated under the next. The final one is fine, but I liked the first one better. Doesn't make much sense to me, but hey, everyone's entitled to do their thing.

Unknown said...

I hear what you're saying Barbara, that's part of the reason why I posted it. There were many different versions of this painting, some more exciting than others, all lost in the process. I can relate to this painter. Sometimes the very first layer, what I consider the "underpainting" has all of the freshness, exciting color and composition that a good painting requires. But I can't just let it be. I keep working, and it becomes something completely different. I wrote "every moment counts" because truly each layer is it's own work of art. The question is when do you stop? And what makes us keep going - some concept of time = great art? More is better? This behind the scenes video is a perfect conversation starter about the nature of painting, especially abstract painting - so I greatly appreciate your input Barbara!

Meghan Henley said...

This is precisely my problem most of the time! When to stop. I usually have to "let it go" hang it somewhere in my house and "live with it" for a few days and see what new ideas evolve when I pass it in the hallway or living room. However, there are some paintings that are so obviously complete after an hour of painting. No more. I totally identify with his layering as I know you do Jess! :) Great post.

Anonymous said...

i have seen this video before and each time i am equally crestfallen when i see how - in my opinion - he wrecked a really descent piece.

But, i do understand what was going on. i too keep banging on while painting a piece. just this sunday i was doing a piece and it had in gradual stages four incarnations. then in the end i 'liked' it. i hung it in the dinning room and all of a sudden i said to myself 'that's it!' some nagging doubt raged fordward i grabbed it, went upstairs 'let go' on it. BADABOOM! i loved it. but, i still think he wrecked it. LOL

Heather Jerdee said...

This is funny, I have to agree to that some of the layers I liked better than the finished result but can identify so much with not knowing if I should quit and there being many paintings in one painting. Oh yeah and having to live with a little while before I decide. I am enjoying these videos and seeing your new direction Jessica, in the beginning of April I watched Simon Schama's Power of Art and it left me raw and totally moved for a couple of days afterward. I can relate to your feeling about your art that your making right now and want to make. We could have all sorts of inspiring conversations about this :)