Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scrapbooking Paper Downloads

This is the first in my new collection of downloads available in my Etsy shop at http://www.livefunky.etsy.com/. They are designed to be printed at home as many times as the buyer wants, cut up, pasted, altered, glued, decoupaged, you name it. I happen to love this card I made this afternoon using my test printout, a blank greeting card and a piece of decorative paper.

I spent the day testing out different approaches, from ink to watercolor to acrylic. I drew and painted so many different leaves today but it was worth it. I've decided that there's no rush - take your time, work on what you are doing until it's exactly as you want it, nothing short of the best. That's not to say I've been putting out half hearted work, but I do tend to be impatient and I'm going to work on that. I was working at the kitchen table today and I actually had the bad 90's song "Don't Rush Me" going through my head. Not a great tune, but a good reminder nonetheless.

So it's official... I recently signed onto Etsy as www.JessicaTorrant.etsy.com. I'm going to be continuing with livefunky (downloads, printed products, small originals) and my new shop will be focusing on Fine Art originals. Part of the reason why I'm doing this is because I want to continue to experiment with fun, lighthearted projects and keep my serious paintings seperate, grouped together in one place. Let's put it this way - if I were going to a craft show, I'd bring along livefunky prints and originals, if I was applying for a gallery show, I'd be presenting my finest work (soon to be at JessicaTorrant). I have a series idea I've been working on that will be my first paintings to hit JT. Things will continue to evolve through the summer and the divide between the two shops will become ever more apparent.

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