Thursday, April 02, 2009

Is your heart on your sleeve?

Fine Tuning the Dream - Acrylic on 9" x 12" canvas panel, 2009
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bits and pieces come together
woven parts of the past, the now
and what is yet to be all come back to me...
the rehash of the replay
all that's been said
is content instead
of critique.
what will be will be (she said)
and looking forward,
i'll fine tune the dream
forever in extremes...
you have my words.

This is where I am going with my art. I cannot hide or pretend or be anything other than what I am and I am an intense softy - or sensitivo as we like to call it around here. I'm a bonafide sensitivo of the highest order. You may picture a softy in demure pink and a cardigan, very polite and shy. I am not that kind of softy. I am a tall and boisterous, full color and bold intensity, heart bouncing off her sleeve into your face sensitivo and it's about time I unabashadly admitted it (as if it's been a secret... that's the funny part). This piece is my first step - just adding this poem with it on Etsy is a big step. I've been working on a special series concept behind the scenes and I want to include poetry into the experience of these paintings. My words, my feelings make me feel vulnerable but this is the direction of honesty I am called towards and I know I need to honor it. Courage must be met with confidence at some point in the journey and right now I MUST continue in confidence rather than courage. Courage inspires a movement, be it personal or public, but it shouldn't be relied on to weather the storm in its entirety. Confidence, however, is ready to take a hit or two and still emerge victorious and ready for more.

Artists, readers, how much do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Tell us about it. Inquiring sensitivos would like to know.

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Elis Cooke said...

Oh Jessica I soo want to encourage you to also share your poetry!!! it is wonderfully enriching along with your as always beautiful work! I especially like the mark making in this piece! namaste Elis.