Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Day

My Meadow 2 - Watercolor and oil pastel
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It is a beautiful day today - sun shining, warm air - just makes you feel so good inside and out. I've been cleaning house today chipping away at my stock pile of artwork through the years, listing them on eBay. I figure they won't sell themselves sitting in a storage unit. Get it all out there!

Here are some pictures of Spring in my neck of the woods.

A little strawberry plant pops up next to the ground cover I planted last year on the side of the studio. Back in 2000 while living in Dover NH I bought these wild strawberry plants from a farm stand up in the White Mountains region of NH. They came home with me to Dover and flourished in a planter on the porch of our apartment. They came with me to Connecticut when I moved in 2001 and I put them by the bushes in front of the house. The first fall there, my father was helping me rake and he tossed out the contents of the planter out back. He didn't realize they were my strawberry plants in hiding. Anyway, those powerful plants had taken root through the planter and that summer came up strong as ever in front of the house. I transplanted a few to this studio woodsy garden and to be expected, they weathered the winter just fine. I love those plants. Small animals usually get to the tiny red berries, but they remind me of where I've come from and take me back to my days of wandering around beautiful, natural New Hampshire. (Don't get me wrong, this is my home. I love it here, especially right now).

Here is the forcythia ready to burst into brilliant yellow any day now. If you look up in the sky you can see the moon.

In my roadside garden, these mini daffodils are ready to bloom.

Irises thrive here. Their spring shoots tower over the demure daffodils.

My favorite spring bulb! Hyacinth - it's gorgeous purple bloom and the smell is heavenly sweet.

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Patrice said...

Spring is so wonderful - so full of blooms and promises. I love your strawberry story - quite made me smile...