Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Original Art Cards on Etsy

Here are some pictures of my new "art cards" I'm selling in my Etsy shop (I couldn't resist including this shot of the forsythia now blooming!). I'm really excited about these cards. It's been a bit overcast the last two days so I'm looking forward to a really sunny day to improve my photographs. I have them packaged with an envelope, a sticker for sealing and a print out with framing instructions in a cello sleeve. I love a sleek, well packaged product! I think these will be a good addition to any summer shows/fairs I do this year. I have been doing a lot of planning and brainstorming for livefunky as well as another idea I've got up my sleeve. I'll explain more as things progress.


Flying Whale said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!

Martha Marshall said...

What a cool idea! A gift and a card together! Good luck with these.